My name is Kimberley Wilcox, and my family and I live on the shores of the beautiful Washademoak Lake year round.    My four children and I have called this home for the last 17 years.  Several years ago, a health scare lead me on a quest for ways to find healing in a more natural and holistic manner without the use of pharmaceuticals.   Eventually, I was lead to discover the health benefits of Young Living’s 100% Pure and Therapeutic grade Essential oils.   There’s been no looking back!   We use the oils for everything you can imagine, all the way from preventing the common cold all the way up to managing chronic pain.    Some of my personal favourite oils to use on  our family every day include, “Peace & Calming” for overactive minds and helping to induce a restful sleep, “Valor” for helping boost our confidence and as a great substitute for pain relief, and “Peppermint” for helping maintain focus and pain relief.   And of course, I can’t forget to mention the wonderful blend of oil known as “Thieves” oil.   We are sure to include that in our daily oiling regime!   It has helped us ward off colds and flu symptoms for the last two years and I hope to always be able to have it in my medicine cabinet!

Most recently, I have completed a Reflexology course with the Atlantic School of Reflexology.   The knowledge and skills I have acquired has brought our family’s healing and health to an all new level.   The combination of Reflexology and Young Living’s essential oils has allowed me to help myself and others bring their health into a state of balance without the harmful side effects of OTC’s and other pharmaceuticals.   I can’t imagine our lives without this wonderful, relaxing healing modality.

In addition to studying and practicing the art of Reflexology and the use of the oils, I also offer Raindrop Technique (RDT) here at our location.   RDT, is a relaxing light body massage that incorporates the use of several essential oils that are dropped along the spine as well as being massaged into the feet.   RDT leaves the recipient feeling relaxed, rested, and boosts the immune system in order to fight off viruses for weeks to come.   RDT is also very effective in pain management.

I continue to upgrade my skills and knowledge on a regular basis.  I will also have a registered massage therapist working on site two days a week for those that are interested in this service.

I hope you will join us soon for a relaxing day receiving a treatment and enjoying all the beauty that the waterfront affords us.  Looking forward to meeting you!

Sunset in my backyard.




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