• Reflexology (approx. 60 mins) – $60+ HST
  • Gift Certificate are also available

What Is Reflexology

Reflexology is the study and practice of automatic body responses to finger pressure on specific areas of the feet. Reflexology encourages the body to enter into its natural healing state to deal with imbalances without the use of drugs or invasive techniques. This healing modality is complementary in that it can be used very successfully in conjunction with other treatments and therapies.

Reflexology is often used in a preventative fashion as it has the ability to “catch” a problem before it manifests as a physical symptom.

Reflexology works through the release of tension and the engagement of the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the body better access to its inherent self-corrective abilities.   Circulation improves, allowing for better oxygen supply (to all tissues, organs and parts of the body), lymph flow (thus increased toxin cleansing, immune function and inflammation control), and hormone delivery (as chemical messengers travel through the circulatory ‘highways’). The entire body attempts to ‘self-correct’.

Each session can be expected to last from 45-60 minutes.

Reflexology Treatment
Reflexology Treatment

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